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7/3 - 22/3/2013 - Belgrade

At Academy of Fine Arts – University


Xotaris "Iliadyssey" at Belgrade

The Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Researches at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade has been playing an important role in the domain of graphic art and new visual media for decades now. Being a unique and highly professional art institution in Serbia (founded in 1995), the Centre focuses on preservation of graphic art through its activities which are interlaced within its distinctive program concept. However, it takes a very active part in its growth as well and constantly draws the society's attention to what graphic art represents today.

The Centre's activities are as follows: running a printmaking workshop where works of art are created in different traditional techniques; running a gallery where important exhibitions of the most prominent local and foreign artists take place on regular basis; organizing various international projects, workshops, dialogues with artists, series of lectures on artists, graphic art techniques; fostering highly creative and innovative ideas, researches and experiments on the local and international art scenes in keeping with the spirit and needs of our time.

In the scope of its printmaking production, the Centre has released 190 prints created by various local and foreign artists so far. Thanks to its highly professional team, the Centre has become the key gathering place of graphic artists in a short period of time and it has provided the necessary prerequisites for promoting innovative ideas and concepts in the domain of graphic art and for starting a substantial collection of prints created by artist of different generations and styles.

Therefore we are very happy to announce that Xotaris "Iliadyssey" collection, contains works by various artists around the world, based on Homer's epic poems –Iliad and Odyssey- will be exposed in this center, opening on Thursday, March 7th 2013.

Ljiljana Tasic, historian of art, curator of Center for Graphic Art and Visual Researches